Event and contact management for Canadian national championship disabled sailing using CiviCRM.

Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup is a National championship for  disabled sailing. Sailors represent Canada, the United States, Europe and even competitors from as far away as New Zealand.

The Mobility Cup is recognized as Canada's International Regatta for Sailors with Disabilities. Through the use of innovative Canadian technology Canada has become a leader in making sailing accessible to people with severe disabilities. Disabled people from around the world are invited to participate in Mobility Cup.

Today the boat used by disabled sailing programs is the Martin 16 sailboat. The Martin 16 is unsinkable, maneuverable and fast. It can easily be equipped with a Sip 'n' Puff system that allows even "high quads" - those with little or no upper body mobility - to discover or return to the world of sailing.

The event is hosted at a different location in Canada every year. A key objective was to standardize all processes.


Using CiviCRM, we put the event system entirely online. Sailors and volunteers could register online. The committee could then track registrations and waiting lists using CiviCRM's events module and contact management. Custom fields and profiles are used to track specific requirements of the sailors and volunteer roles of the support teams.


Every year there is a different venue, different organizing committee, different event management. The objective was to standardize the processes on a year to year basis.

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