Membership system using RsForms and PayPlans.

The Toronto Windsurfing Club, located in Toronto, Ontario is the largest windsurfing club in Canada and one of the largest in North America. With a membership base of approximately 400, 3 membership types and complex storage requirements, capacities must be monitored closely.

Robust and easy to maintain with varied transaction types.



Since the club is managed by a volunteer-based board of directors, the system has to be robust and easy to maintain, yet have the ability to accommodate the complexity of the registration process.

  • There are 3 membership types: individual, family and youth.
  • Each member can store up to 5 boards.
  • There are 5 different slot sizes available to match board types of each member. During the membership process the registrant identifies the number of slots they would like to book and the size and type of their equipment. This is then cross referenced by the storage coordinator to ensure the registrant can be accommodated.
  • Early bird discounts are accommodated in the system.

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